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Dianne Rockefeller
Athletic Performance Therapist
Dianne Rockefeller, Athletic Performance Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist
Muscle Activation Specialist — MAT® Degree
National Academy of Sports Medicine — CPT
Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
Certified Myoskeletal Therapist
Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner
Certified Cupping Therapist (Myofascia Decompression)
MAT® Jumpstart Personal Trainer — Certified
Let me tell you a little about myself and my background. Currently, I live in San Antonio, Texas where I have my performance and sports therapy practice. My primary focus is on injury prevention, sports recovery, acute and chronic pain treatment, and sports performance enhancement. In addition to my local therapy practice, I also work out-of-office for professional athletes (NBA, MLB, NFL, and various other elite sports).
My involvement and working in professional sports has provided me with a rare opportunity to observe and work with many elite coaches, athletic trainers and athletes. Over the years, I developed a belief that the treatment of the entire interdependent kinetic chain that makes up the neuromuscular system is the key to successful recovery, injury prevention and enhancing both human and athletic performance.
Proud Cancer Survivor Since 1996
Proud Cancer Survivor Since 1996
My Mission
I integrate manual therapy and other athletic performance therapy techniques along with pain education in order to improve movement and motor control. My proven approach to quick and long-lasting recovery is based on the kinetic effects in human tissue. Since no part of the neuromuscular system operates independently, the injured area must be treated in the context of the supporting areas around it. By using a clinical reasoning process that considers the interplay of movement and stability throughout your body, I identify and correct the root of the problem as opposed to just treating the symptom. Most importantly, I partner with you to architect your recovery and get you back to your full potential while, at the same time, helping you achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle. I empower and encourage clients to take an active role in their health.
For every healthcare provider, a thorough knowledge of the location and understanding interrelationship of the body's structures is essential. I have learned that effective performance therapy consists of any and all techniques that might best serve the needs of my clients / athletes. This understanding has lead me to additional hundreds and hundreds of hours every year in continuing education, trainings, case study work, scientific research and certifications in techniques such as Clinical Kinesiology, Integrated Manual Orthopedic Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist, Kinesio Taping Practitioner, National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT, and Muscle Activation Specialist and Certified Jumpstart Trainer ...and currently working on my MAT® Masters.
My therapy focus is on balancing the entire body to optimize performance and to identify energy leakages before they become injuries. By increasing muscle stability and muscular strength, mobility increases. Strength is paramount in every part of the body's kinetic chain. If one component is not working well, then it can compromise movement integrity in other areas of the human body. Just as a muscle stretches, a joint moves, so does fascia and the nervous system - I utilize components in movement, muscle testing and tissue tone. Proper biomechanics involves muscles, tendons and ligaments being not only symmetrical, but multi-directional in strength and stability.
Living an active sports lifestyle myself, I am passionate about helping my athletes perform better, longer and to help them prevent injuries from their sports. For veterans of sport, live the best quality of life through regular body maintenance. Choosing a manual therapist is a very important decision. Exceptional advanced soft tissue therapy is paramount. In addition to developing a customized treatment program that deals with your specific health and lifestyle concerns, I try to be as flexible as possible in scheduling your sessions at time and location that is best for you.
You may already know that muscle therapy is as vital to a healthy mind and body as is regular exercise and diet. All too often, people have demanding lives and turn to temporary solutions that do not necessarily promote recovery, healing or wellness. I'd like to introduce a better choice. Discover the benefits of integrated muscle therapy.
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