Neuralmuscular Optimization &   Body Symmetry

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​​Maximizing Performance

Kinesthetic Awareness

It's simple. ​​​​Proper biomechanics prevent abnormal wear and tear on the human body.  Performance enhancement therapy is based upon the principle that reduced functionality in the body may be caused by muscle imbalances which can result in  misalignment of posture. Acute and/or chronic injuries caused by sport/life and associated restrictions in movement make it impossible to produce maximum strength.  By focusing on assessing and identifying the root drivers of your pain or restrictions in Range of Motion (ROM), using different manual soft tissue techniques to correct distortions and restoring neuromuscular optimization, pain is greatly reduced or eliminated and functionality is restored.  Once neuromuscular stabilization and overall functional movement is improved you:

Improve Biomechanics and Symmetry 

Stabilize Joint Range of Motion

Increase Muscle Strength & Endurance

Shorten Recovery Times

Reduce Pain, Discomfort and Injury Risks

Maximize Overall Athletic Performance​​

'Form follows function and function follows form.' Wolff's Law tells us that problems with the alignment of your body can create havoc with the functions of your body. Movement requires efficient gathering and processing of sensory information by mechanoreceptors in the body to the brain. Whether you're looking to improve jumpshot consistency, balance in your defense, or increase strength, speed and agility...kinesthetic awareness and symmetry are the foundation for improving overall athletic performance and injury prevention in sport. 

For elite and professional athletes, refining their kinesthetic awareness is the main goal of their extreme day-to-day practice regimens.  Their training here is both muscular and neurological.  Hitting thousands of shots, day after day, develops the ability to do by "feel" what cannot be done by regular conscious thought. 

​However, even repetitive motions like these can take their toll on a player.  Neuromuscular Optimization is a manual and rehabilitative approach to improving the body's movement system based upon the scientific principles of neural science and clinical kinesiology. Identifying and treating the possible cause of the asymmetry, not just to train away or stretch out the resulting problems.

Performance Enhancement

and Injury Prevention

Athletic Performance Therapy in San Antonio

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With a comprehensive motion analysis assessment and individualized therapy program, you significantly increase sustained peak performance.  Neuromuscular optimization therapy compliments strength and conditioning training or rehab programs by providing the critical component to improving athletic performance ...Mobility with Stability.  Together with good nutrition and rest, performance enhancement therapy helps break the vicious cycle of injury and creates and new cycle of sustained homeostasis within the body.  For those of you eternally seeking a new PR, neuromuscular optimization helps you improve symmetry, balance your strength, and reduce your risks of injury so that you can train harder for longer.