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​​​​​​​​​​​Sports Performance Therapy

Getting physically injured is a nightmare, especially for

professional and elite athletes. Injuries mean lost time at 

the training facility, missed practices, sitting out of games,

or even worse…career ending. While most athletes attempt

a return to action within a few weeks, the more severe

cases can force retirement for them.

Whether you are in the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, college or 

high school athlete...seeing a fellow player, crumbling to

the ground, clutching his knee in the middle of a game is 

a stauch reminder that injuries can happen at any time.

Mostly, when you least expect it.  

Any time you step out onto the field of play, whatever the sport or exercise and regardless of location, you always run the risk of some sort of injury. However remote that possibility is at any given moment, that repeated wear and tear on your body eventually adds up, leading to excessive stress on your muscles and joints that one day result in injury through body compensations.  Even struggling to do those last couple reps might seem like a good idea in the short term, but it can ruin your progress in the long run with damaging  body compensations.  These compensatory movement patterns then lead to lingering injuries, other injuries and longer recovery times.

The ultimate goal is to Maximize Athletic Performance

                                                                      Sports Performance Therapy is in many training environments from track

                                                                      to court to field to gym. It does not replace medical staff, PT's, AT's or S&C,

                                                                      nor does it eliminate the need for any other component of standard training

                                                                      and practice. Instead, Sports Performance Therapy is an active

                                                                      collaborative between Athlete, Coach and Therapist working to normalize

                                                                      function by integrating Sports Performance Therapy into the athlete’s

                                                                      sporting movement practice, resulting in performance improvement and

                                                                      injury reduction by focusing on and affecting technical proficiency and    

                                                                      mechanical efficiency through various therapy techniques.


Simply put...the more muscle an athlete has integrated into a movement, the more kinetic energy the athlete can deliver in athletic performance.  Whether you’re looking to improve a 40 yard dash, punch harder, improve marathon times, kinetic energy is the is the foundation to improving your overall athletic performance.

Sports Performance Therapy Benefits:

  • Efficient biomechanics reduces chances of overuse injuries
  • Restore Range of Motion and increase flexibility; resulting in improved power, explosiveness and performance
  • Correct muscle activation and movement patterns improves muscle energy conversion 
  • Shorter recovery times between workouts, competitions, and injuries
  • Maximizes supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased usage efficiency    
  • Improves body's ability to withstand injuries by improving soft tissue pliability

What is pliability of the body soft tissue? It's a general term that encompasses several qualities such as muscle flexibility, joint mobility, fascial release, optimal muscular length tension relationships and muscle neural tone.  More and more professional and elite athletes are discovering that in addition to their strength and conditioning and nutrition, Sports Performance Therapy is an essential training component that provides them with an extra edge in athletic competition because it enhances their soft tissue pliability making their bodies stronger against injury.

                                                                                                Many professional and elite athletes — from high school,

                                                                                                through college, and beyond have either witnessed or

                                                                                                personally experienced the impact of injuries.

                                                                                                Unknowingly, some athletes receive treatment that often

                                                                                                focus on short-term solutions by treating symptoms vs.

                                                                                                root causes.  Resulting in more frequent or recurring

                                                                                                injuries, impairing long-term performance, or even worse - 

                                                                                                athletes' inability to maintain an active lifestyle after sport.


Performance Pyramid Gold (Ultimate in Sports Therapy)

For elite and professional athletes, refining their kinesthetic awareness is the main goal of their extreme day-to-day practice regimens.  Their training here is both muscular and neurological.  Hitting thousands of strokes, day after day, develops the ability to do by “feel” what cannot be done by regular conscious thought.  Repetitive practice like this often appears tedious to someone outside a sport.  However, what the outsider watching can’t feel what’s going on inside the player practicing — tiny adjustments, over and over, and a sense of each change’s effects that gets more and more acute even as it recedes from normal consciousness.

Performance Pyramid Gold is an on-site form of Sports Performance Therapy that focuses on immediately enhancing an athlete's kinesthetic sense and proprioception.   Working closely with coach and athlete, sports performance therapy is performed on the track, courtside, on the field or at the practice facility. Providing the athlete with immediate proprioception in his/her performance.