Many Flex Spending and Health Care savings programs will pay for Manual Therapy.  CPT Code 97140 or Massage Therapy 97124.  Please check with your providers to determine your coverage.  Dominion Therapeutic and Sports Massage will provide you with documentation and receipts for reimbursement. ALL Payment is due at time of session service.

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Initial Consultation, Assessment, Motion Analysis & Therapy Session


New clients should plan on being in the office for approximately 2 hours.  Therapist will take a thorough medical history followed by Active Range of Motion Assessment and testing utilizing motion analysis software.  Therapist will have a conversation with the client and discuss assessment findings, manual therapy options and decide on the best approach moving forward.  A complete 1-1/2 manual therapy session will then be performed.  

(Client should wear comfortable exercise/workout attire for this appointment)

Therapeutic & Sports Therapy Rates

30 Minute Session   $65.00

(Spot Treatment or One Area of Treatment)

60 Minute Session   $125.00

Medicupping™ / VacuTherapy™ 

Medicupping™ Vacutherapy Treatment™   $85.00

(30 minutes or one area of treatment) 

Specialized Therapy Session

Capsular Contraction Release Therapy   $500.00

(Approx. 120-180 Minute Session-Price Per Session)

25% of every capsular contracture release session is donated to the

Komen Foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer   ​​

Additions to a Therapy Session

Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pak (per unit)   $10.00

KinesioTex Gold Taping (Per Area)     $25.00

​(Muscle Testing Performed with every Taping Area) 

Gift Certificates Available for Purchase 

All Treatment Sessions By Appointment Only,

which means only for advanced scheduled appointments​​